Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now the good news

We're on vacation!!! (now don't go rob my house, my neighbor told me she'll shoot any and all intruders!) But we're in the fun land of OR or more specifically the OR beach. Sarah's been taking lots of pictures and I'm sure many of them will be posted next week. Keep an eye out for those.

In other good news, we're adopting (as if you didn't know already). There's a super good God story to go along with it, that hopefully I'll get a chance to post when I get back to town (I typed up the whole story in our adoption application, so I'll share that later). Needless to say it's a God thing and we're now in the process of waiting on a domestic birth Mom to choose us to parent her baby. That's a huge thing and we pray for her on a frequent basis. But our book is going out to 2 birth Moms here soon, so hopefully we'll get picked!!! And then, hopefully sometime soon we'll get to introduce you to the newest Bennett!

In the meantime, here's some pictures from our OR trip!

First Tim, Sarah, Elise photo:

Making Ice Cream with Elise:

Checking out Hermit Crabs:

Who you calling a gopher???

Happiness is playing in the water:

Monkey being silly while Dad decorates the street:


Earning some brownie points:


First the crappy news

Well, I'll add it here on a blog and that will make it official. At least for my dealing with it, it will make it official. My parents are getting a divorce. After 36 years of marriage, my Dad is calling it quits. The marriage wasn't a good one evidently, but they're both done.

Wow, what a crappy thing to happen. I'm over the denial, anger, and super sad stages. Now I think I'm officially in the acceptance stage. But anger still creeps in every now and then...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something to think about...

The other day, I was watching some TV and caught a little bit of "E", that show where they talk about movie stars and who's fat and who got caught driving intoxicated, etc, etc. And they happened to run a special on Michelle Obama and everyone they interviewed simply raved about how great she is for Women's Rights and how wonderful the Obama's are. And more than before, it occurred to me that everybody's blind with Obama-rama. Everybody except Christians (and gun owners) that is.

This concerns me. Because whenever the majority of the public starts to do something, I begin wondering how they're being suckered. Take the big housing boom for instance. I literally heard something along the lines of, "You should buy the biggest house you can possibly afford because homes never lose their value and its the single best investment you can make."

The problem with mass public beliefs like this is the public becomes blind to the dangers and easily falls prey to sharks looking to exploit their belief. The housing bust easily demonstrates this with all the folks who got in over their head and not to mention the consequences our country is now suffering due to it.

So what concerns me now is our country thinks Obama is this great hope for change and that he's the best thing to ever happen to this country.

Immediately I begin wondering if we've been suckered and what the potential fallout could be. Considering the fact that Christians seem to be the only folks who don't think he's the best thing, doubly concerns me. What divisive issue is going to arise to exploit this difference of opinion and what's the fallout going to be?

Just something to think about...

Also, if you're wanting a newer, bigger house, just wait 15 years. (A friend of mine pointed this out to me) Take a look around at all the hospitals being built. Why are they being built? Is it because we're experiencing a great population boom? Partially, but more so its because the baby boomers are getting old and they're going to need some serious health care in the next 5 years onward. They'll be dying off and with it they'll be leaving behind all the big homes they've accumulated. I'm thinking there's going to be a surplus of these big homes and one will find a big home is suddenly a lot more affordable than it used to be. Well shoot, right now big homes are suddenly a lot more affordable than they used to be...

Just something to think about...


Dirt Biking!!

My Dad loves to take pictures and he has some super duper high falootin' camera and I finally got him to head out with me to take some dirtbiking pictures. The results were so good that I hope to get him out again sometime. Anywho, here's some pictures of me catching a little air on my KTM. The blue bike at the bottom is Kirby. His pictures looks better than mine because he's carrying more speed and kicking the bike sideways in the air. He says he's better than me, but I like to think I use my brain a little more often than he does!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Aquarium

This post is way late, but better late than never. Well, on our way to Tucson for Thanksgiving, we decided to make a stop in Albuquerque to visit the Aquarium. There was hardly anyone there and it was sweet. Enjoy the pictures!




Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally, good news for Christians

Everywhere you turn as a Christian, you see the rising tide of defeat. Watch the movie Expelled, learn about the Freedom of Choice Act read about Proposition 8 in CA which is being labeled H8 and you quickly get the feeling that Christianity isn't welcome anymore in America. Its a sad thing to observe the tide change.

Well here's some good news for you. Watch this video put out by CBS and you'll see underground Christianity flourishing in China. Its a good view and will help cheer the heart if you're like me and find America's direction depressing.